Cake Series

Starlicious also with house development cake in pastry product line. Every single piece of cake is focus in quality and taste. The chef mission is to find quality ingredients and put them together becoming a perfect taste Every single piece of cake with firm contain and stable in shape. The chef is to make sure every of the cake should be with moist and fluffy taste after processing. The outward of the cake is designed delicately with fine result

Product Info

Product Type Chocolate Mousse
Coffee Walnut
Mango Mousse
Black Forest
Carrot Cream Cheese
Chocolate Walnut
Blue Berry Cheese
Lemon Cheese
Marble Cheese
Mango Cheese (Baked)
Mango Cheese (Non-Baked)
Oreo Cheese
Size 9' inches / around 1.5kg
Packing by per cake